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  2. I’ll handle it
  3. I’ll handle it
  4. I’ll handle it
  5. I’ll handle it
  6. I’ll handle it
  7. I’ll handle it
  8. I’ll handle it
  9. I’ll handle it
  10. I’ll handle it

Whereas we think this is funny…we 100% believe its true. We’re taking the hassle of selling a home off of your plate.

Many Realtors will often tell you whatever you want to hear in order to list your house for sale.  They promise you top dollar to get the listing and end up costing you money in the long run.  When over pricing a house it ends up sitting on the market for months on end. Inevitably after taking a couple price reductions and accumulating days on market, prospective buyers start to think something may be wrong with the property.
With Robert James, I do an in depth comparative market analysis on both current houses for sale and recent homes that sold within the last 6 months to help come up with the maximum price we can get your house sold for in the shortest amount of time, which may vary from seller to seller.  This CMA is just one of several pieces of the puzzle used to achieve the highest sales price for your home.

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