Top mistakes when choosing a realtor

Top mistakes when choosing a realtor

Choosing your realtor could be one of the best or worst decisions you make. Here are a couple of our tips that will help your from wanting to pull out your hair during your realtor selection process:


“I have a friend that does real estate”

We all have that friend that does real estate on the side, or have a friend that knows a guy/gal that can help them. Biggest mistake you can make when with one of the most important financial decisions of your life in buying or selling a house. Would you take your life savings and trust a guy that does financial planning as a side gig or from a friend of a friend that can help? Just like financial planning, I would recommend interviewing 2-3 Realtors in person to ask all the questions needed to find the best Realtor to buy or sell your home.


Years of experience does not equal excellence

Be aware of the Realtors that say they’ve been doing real estate for 10,15,20 years. We all know people that have been at the same job or field for a long time and doing a bad job at it. I see people all the time that have been a mechanic, waiter, or Realtor that are not even close to the best in there field. Who’s better the guys who have been in the NBA or on the PGA tour for 8-10 years or Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods in year 2? Time in the business does not determine a persons success.


The wrong way to list your property

Many Realtors will often tell you whatever you want to hear in order to list your house for sale.  They promise you top dollar to get the listing and end up costing you money in the long run.  When over pricing a house it ends up sitting on the market for months on end. Inevitably  after taking a couple price reductions and accumulating days on market, prospective buyers start to think something may be wrong with the property.
With Robert James, I do an in depth comparative market analysis on both current houses for sale and recent homes that sold within the last 6 months to help come up with the maximum price we can get your house sold for in the shortest amount of time, which may vary from seller to seller.  This CMA is just one of several pieces of the puzzle used to achieve the highest sales price for your home.
Quality over quantity
We’ve all heard not to bite off more than you can chew. That’s why I limit the number listings that I take, in order to provide the maximum amount of time and productivity I can to my clients. It’s the same teachers always fight for smaller classroom sizes. You can be a far better educator, Realtor, doctor etc… if you take your time, effort and energy to focus more on a smaller classroom, clientele, or patients.
We’ve seen it all. Our clients love us because we devote our expertise and energy to helping them buy or sell their home. Make your next relator experience the smoothest you’ve ever had. Call us today 602-373-2034.

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